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瞬恒 Akalika

Immersive Multimedia Artwork, Installation



瞬恒 Akalika 来自印度梵文的 "अकालिक "意思是即时和永恒的,无时间的或超越时间的。不断地生长和消亡的线条构成着平静的神像,神像也在缓慢之中变幻着,消融和平静并存。在超越时间的维度中保持精神性的存在并与环境产生戏剧化的冲突。 

AKLIKA comes from the Indian Sanskrit word अकालिक, meaning immediate and eternal, timeless or beyond time. The lines that constantly grow and perish form the calm idol, which also changes in slow motion, dissolving and calming side by side. The spirituality is maintained in a dimension that transcends time and creates a dramatic conflict with the environment. 


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