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Immersive Multimedia Dance



《染色体.X》跨媒体肢体表演作品是由 UFO 媒体实验室、王家明与冯昊共同创作完成。作为受邀 2019 年西岸美术馆与法国蓬皮杜艺术中心 五年展陈项目的开幕表演作品,诸位艺术家共同创造了一个“沉浸式数 字艺术系统”,该系统运用算法生成影像、大型声场,将多名舞蹈演员 以独特的形式组合成仿生细胞形态并结合算法生成影像与声音艺术,让 观众产生独特的沉浸式体验。

CHROMOSOME.X is a transmedia physical performance work created by UFO Media Lab, Wang Jiaming and Feng Hao. Invited to open the 2019 West Bund Museum and The Centre Pompidou in 5 year exhibition programme, the artists have created an "immersive digital art system" that uses algorithms to video, soundscape resembling the inside of a body, a unique combination of multiple dancers in bionic cell form and algorithms to The system uses algorithms to generate images, a large sound field, a number of dancers in unique combinations of bionic cell forms and algorithms to generate images and sound art, creating a unique immersive experience.


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