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DJ Strausss是冯昊专门用于创作掠夺采样拼贴的创作代号,并常以此代号进行表演和网络电台主持。


采样(Sampling)作为当代音乐和声音艺术中常见的手法已经屡见不鲜,但采用他人的音乐样本构建自己的作品一直在音乐领域、著作权领域却一直饱受争议。DJ Strausss以一个伪DJ的名字为代号,专门以掠夺性采样拼贴的手法进行相关创作。此次活动中DJ Strausss会进行表演并在随后的讲谈时间中介绍自己的采样拼贴作品及拼贴美学观。


DJ Strausss was the code that Feng Hao used exclusively for making pillage sampling collages and was often used for performing and hosting online radio shows.
This kind of sound collage technique using sound recordings often brings about absurd and controversial effects.
As a common technique in contemporary music and sound art, Sampling has become common. However, the use of music samples from others to construct one's own works has always been controversial in the field of music and copyright. DJ Strausss, code-named for a false DJ, was programmed to work with predatory sampling and collage. In this activity, DJ Strausss performed and introduced his sampling collage and his aesthetic view of collage in the subsequent talk time.

DJ Strausss

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