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发梦茱莉冯昊(吉他、采样、软件)、(鼓、打击乐)、杨滔(低音)组建于2015年。作为先锋音乐与跨媒体艺术团体,其创作囊括传统器乐, 声音艺术, 样本拼贴,声像视觉等方面。呈现面貌融合各风格音乐特点与实验先锋语汇,并兼具掠夺性采样与后现代特征。

Dreaming Julie formed by Feng Hao(Guitar/Sample/Laptop),Liu Pi(Drums/Percussion), Yang Tao(Bass) in 2015.

As an experimental music band and multi-media team, its creation includes traditional instrumental music, sound art, sample collage, audio-visual and other aspects. Dreaming Julie combines many styles of music including experimental music and free improvisation, and has plunderphonics with postmodern characteristics.

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