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合作:UFO Media Lab, Media X Performance Studio

新媒体装置 New Media Installation




The new media work Floating Island is a cross-domain creation with a fancy plot of the universe. It tells a fairy tale about the relics of the universe extended from a sense of history carried by the architecture. 
On one hand, Floating Island, constructed by used steel tubes, enables audiences to think about the concepts beyond the building itself. The idea is reflected that when we accelerate the progress of urbanization and promote the process of civilization on the reinforced concrete structures, the things left or replaced, no matter human beings, matters, or even history, are floating, sinking, and leaving.
On the other hand, the work uses a floating island in the universe as the imagery, making audiences have a kind of chaotic and blurred feeling due to the marvelous changes of light and shadow. The boundary of reality and virtuality is broken through the sounds and videos created by New Media. A room without confinements of time and space is produced for the liberation of the stubborn concept of space-time.

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