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综合声音项目 Mixture Sound Project


2015年初,我受艺术项目Social Sensibility邀请在生产引擎和阀门的Bernard Controls公司中进行创作一个声音作品,旨在尝试和探索非艺术环境中艺术对于环境产生的作用和改变。我在车间内安置了6个音箱,使用不同种类的麦克风对正在工作的工人产生的声音进行录制并加工再回放出来。之后我将录音剪辑处理后,现场刻录成专辑赠送给工人们,该专辑的封面所使用的蓝色为工厂产品的标准色,每一个工人都会获得标有自己名字的专辑,就像音乐人一样。我在赠送专辑时会邀请工人为我签名并与我合影,就像明星与追星族合影所做的事情一样。


At the beginning of this year, I was invited to do an art project in the factory of Bernard Controls, a French company that produces valves and engine; it aimed to explore the possibility and effects of art in non-art environment.

Six speakers were installed in the workshop, each of them linked to a microphone that recording the sound of workers and their machines while they were doing their job; then the sound would play out synchronously through speaker after a mixer.

Records were made at the same time with simple editing and gifted to all stuff of Bernard Controls. The color of each was blue, same as the products of the company; the artist’s name was the name of the stuff, same as a musician; the photo and the signature were that the artist was begging for, same as by a fan.

In this project, the role of an artist and ordinary people has switched; they became the performer, rather than the artist, and they created their own records like a star by the skill of the artist.

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