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核桃室由冯昊(吉他/人声/合成器/打击乐/程序)与李增辉(萨克斯/人声/打击乐/键盘)于2007年组建而成。他们强调即兴音乐与黑暗氛围和抽象化的音乐语言,同时融合行为表演和影像,将现场表演呈现出音乐剧场的质感。因此也被称之为“最具有戏剧感的实验音乐组合”。他们曾受邀参加过一系列中国重要的音乐节,例如迷笛音乐节(2007)、萨莉不跳舞实验音乐节(2008,2010),MINI MIDI全国巡演(2010)等,并在美术馆、艺术机构进行表演和讲座。



The WALNUT ROOM was founded by Feng Hao (guitar/vocals/synth/percussion/program) and Li Zeng-hui (saxophone/vocals/percussion/keyboard) in 2007 . They emphasize improvise music with the dark ambient and abstract music language, and integrate behavioral performance and image at the same time to present the live performance with the texture of music theatre. Therefore, it is also called "the most dramatic experimental music combination". They have been invited to participate in a series of important music festivals in China, such as MIDI music festival (2007), SALLY CAN'T DANCE Experimental Music festival (2008,2010), MINI MIDI China Tour (2010), etc., and they have given performances and lectures in art museum and galleries.

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